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The Importance of Spelling Exercises

The Importance of Spelling Exercises

October 07, 2023

Word-processing applications usually have built-in spell-checkers, but you should still carefully check to ensure you correctly use your words. This is because automatic spell-checkers may only sometimes understand the context of a text.

Misspelling a word might seem like a small mistake, but it can reflect poorly on a writer. It suggests one of two things: either the writer needs to care more about his work to proofread it or know his topic better to spell words related to it correctly. Either way, spelling errors make readers less likely to trust a writer’s authority.

The best way to ensure that a text has no spelling mistakes is to look for them during the proofreading stage of the writing process. Being familiar with the most common mistakes will help you find and fix them during the writing and proofreading stages.

Sometimes, a writer doesn’t know how to spell the word he wants to use. This may be because the word is a technical term or comes from a language other than his. Other times, it may be a proper name he has never encountered. Anytime you want to use a word but are unsure of how to spell it, do not guess. Instead, check a dictionary for proper spelling.


Here are some reasons why spelling is necessary:

  • Good spelling improves communication. By following the same rules for spelling words, we can better understand the text we read.
  • Good spelling avoids misunderstanding. In a way, spelling is a bit like sports. It’s up to the person passing the ball to ensure the receiver catches it. The same goes for spelling. If you write with intent and proper spelling, the receiver of that text will understand it better.
  • Let’s look at this: university applications and job resumes made with spelling errors don’t make it very far.
  • We can’t rely on devices to check our spelling. They get it wrong, too.
  • Poor spelling distracts readers, and they lose focus. Reading a text for comprehension is hard when it contains spelling errors.
  • When you want people to read something you have written, and that text is full of spelling mistakes, it leaves a poor impression. We must care about the fundamental part good spelling plays in our language.




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