Online Vocabulary Builder

Take your vocabulary to the next level with Online Vocabulary Building Application

  • Create your own collection of vocab lists to study and master.
  • Learn and memorise new words, terms and expressions in any language.
  • Train your way without limits. No downloads are required.
  • Track your progress score visually as it grows over time.
  • Get vocabulary practice anytime and anywhere on different devices.
  • Learn effectively and sustainably with our 4-stage plan.
Online Vocabulary Training


Online Vocabulary Training

Features of the application include:

  • User-friendly, simple, intuitive and attractive interface.
  • Four different modes of training.
  • Option to create numerous exercises and dictionaries yourself.
  • Opportunity to work with different languages.
  • Visual monitoring and assessment of learning progress.
  • Text analysis tool that finds the most frequent words and phrases. When you are learning the language, it is essential to study the most frequent words first.

The training engine of Vocab Builder Online is created with the knowledge of basic memory patterns, processes, and individual abilities to learn and memorize.

Why Vocab Builder Online

Vocab Builder Online is designed for self-motivated learners with a real need for knowledge of a particular language. From our experience and belief, we know that language comprehension, the size and depth of the vocabulary, and conversational fluency only come with concentrated work.

Even if you are immersed in the language environment with total exposure to the language you intend to master, you need to apply yourself persistently, focusing on the improvement of your vocabulary. In other words, if you want to know the language and are serious about it, you must apply learning strategies.

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