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About Online Vocabulary Builder

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Online Vocabulary Builder is a web application developed by ITN Software Lab, located in Australia.

This application is a powerful and flexible tool for creating and learning new vocabulary. It will be helpful for beginners and those who know the language to some degree but would like to improve and enrich their active vocabulary and conversational skills. It can be of particular interest to students, professionals and business people whose work might require the knowledge of a foreign language or unique lexicon.

That is why Vocab Builder Online becomes an invaluable tool for you. The application is unique because its mechanisms are based on understanding natural memory processes and your abilities and skills.

We have created a user-friendly, logical, simple, attractive and captivating application. We have implemented a graphical display that calculates and reflects your personal training progress. This feature is valuable for visually monitoring the process to boost your motivation during learning.


ITN Software Lab

Features of the application include:

  • User-friendly, simple, intuitive and attractive interface.
  • Four different modes of training.
  • Option to create your own exercises and dictionaries (for registered users).
  • Opportunity to work with different languages.
  • Visual monitoring and assessment of learning progress.
  • The Text analyzer adds new words from text files directly to your dictionaries (for registered users).
  • The training engine of Online Vocabulary Builder is created with the knowledge of basic memory patterns, processes as well as individual abilities to learn and memorize.

As you progress through the training stages, you learn some words or phrases more quickly than others (this is very common when studying a new language). Vocab Builder Online also lets you practice as much as you need to and frequently shows you words or phrases you might need to become more familiar with.

How does Online Vocabulary Builder teach you?

You start by inputting a list of words or phrases that you want to learn and then choose from any of these learning modes:

  • Multiple Choice: A word or phrase is displayed for you to select the appropriate corresponding word meaning;
  • Flash Card: A word or phrase is displayed in your language. Pronounce the word or phrase in the language you are studying. Click on "show" to check if you are right or wrong;
  • Word Box: A word or phrase is displayed in your language. Compose the word/phrase in the language you are learning by using a set of letters, which is done.
  • Spelling: Online Vocabulary Builder displays the meaning of a word or phrase, and then you type in the correct answer in the language you are learning.

Registered users can save their training profiles at any stage and complete training any time later.